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A little story about my FemSader, affectionately called Joan of Ark

My Character Joan started out wearing dirty (winter) white armor to represent her eagerness and naivete. I didn’t use the pure white one, simply to represent the fact that this was not her first day in battle.

Lorewise, the Crusader has been in a few fights before Diablo 3, but nowhere in the scale of whats coming.

After reaching the first (D3 vanilla) cap at 60, her armor starts to become darker. She has literally gone through hell and is no longer the maiden she once was, but at the same time has gained much honor with her fight against the demonic hordes, shown through the more resplendent choice of gear color. Honor through combat is never without its price.

At level 70 I plan for her armor to mostly be black and gold, again to represent the trials she has faced. The crown will still be the headgear because whatever she has gone through, inside she is still the same soul that had started out the journey towards the town of Tristram at the start of the game.

Anyway that’s the story I formed while playing with my Second Crusader. Yeah, I’m autistic like that.

And if you think that’s autistic. Wait til you meet my Monk. Aang. I call him Bad End Aang.

Everything is Awesome!

tl;dr: mfw watching Lego movie.

Long version:

I got bored today and decided to get this movie for no particular reason, you know, just something to watch because it’s labor day and I got nothing to do.

What I didn’t expect is a 15/10 movie that actually made me tear up.

In a world of corporate approved franchise-calculated games and movies that have to have checklists to fulfill criteria from arbitrary focus tested groups I’m genuinely surprised that something like this got released. Hell, got made at all, even.

This movie oozed love and dedication. Instead of the (relatively easier to animate) full CGI, it went into stop motion and… well I could go on. But basically this was something that came off from passion and careful work. }

When I saw the trailer I saw the throwouts to Batman and other copyrighted works and assumed the movie was just some stupid advertising gig *cough*spiderman2*cough* but no, they actually used the references and the license and… actually played with them. It was… refreshing!

The story resonated with the little kid inside of me, reminded me of the time when I would spend whole summer afternoons playing lego with my cousins, it talked to me in such a way because it felt like it was a kid who was just playing around with legos using his imagination to make a story.

Years of cynicism from seeing what the Video game industry has turned into has almost robbed me of excited, of expectations of genuine thrill and fun from the media, but this movie melted that all in the span of 2 hours? Well, however long the story was.

This movie was just what I needed to get me out of this negative hole I dug for myself. Honestly It’s probably *not* the best movie in the history of movies ever but it did one thing right.

It was creative, it was inspired.

It was real.

GSL Code S 2014 Season 2 Groups of Death


After a long period of Protoss domination, and a Season 1 Protoss Champion, Code S is back at the perfect time. Despite the fact that the tournament is very Protoss heavy, we’ve seen a big return in the quality of play as well as win rates of Terran and especially Zerg.

The Group(s) Of Death

I literally cannot decide on a Group Of Death this season. Many of them seem very close, with 3 players definitely able to make it out, and a 4th who could if things go well for them on that particular day. Not that common a thing with the round of 32. While I write this, I’m still trying to figure it out, so I guess I’ll just describe multiple groups of death, and my reasoning behind them!

Group C

 - Rain, Stork, Ruin, and Symbol

Why it could be considered the group of death:

Rain, while being slightly overshadowed by a couple of other Protosses at the moment, is still looking like the most solid Protoss in the world. The guy will probably never fall out of Code S. In the past 3 “Code S” seasons, he’s made at least top 8, and it took Zest, Soulkey, and Maru to finally knock him out. Oh, and he beat Soulkey in the finals of the Hot6ix cup. If you ever bet on him to lose before the bracket phase of a tournament, then you like to lose.

Ruin is the next big thing. In the Code A earlier this year for season 1, he played such an inspired group that I ended up writing an article on SCDOJO about it. The improvement he showed between the last time we saw him and then was amazing. Well, that happened again. This season in Code A, Ruin showed some really innovative and intelligent play. Really, ridiculously strong. I actually meant to already write an article on it, but got caught up getting ready for DreamHack. Will probably highlight his play next week or so. Wait for it. Till then, trust me, this kid is going to be huge.

Symbol is a player who has shown even more stability than Rain, and over a longer period of time. The past few seasons have not been kind to Symbol, falling out in the ro32, especially when you consider that before that the whole world was just waiting for him to straight up win the damn thing. Now let’s forget for a moment Symbol’s results, and instead remember his beginning. Symbol was first known for his insanely good ZvP, specifically his cross-every-t-dot-every-i-and-lower-case-j defensive macro play. This group has 3 Protoss players. Symbol is not currently playing in ProLeague (due to not being on a PL team). Symbol hasn’t traveled outside of Korea for quite some time. When you put all of this together, he has a ridiculous amount of time to actually sit down and practice, and only 1 race to practice for. Symbol will be deadly when it comes time to play in this group.

Stork - he’s not bad at all, but I’m not going to argue that he’s any part of why I’m calling this one of the Groups of Death. Still, he is at least a player who could make an upset and make it through this group if he has a good day.

Group D

 - Life, Rogue, Hydra, and Classic

Why it could be considered the group of death:

Life is in amazing shape. His results and play have been getting better and better recently, topped off by a DreamHack Bucharest win this past weekend, where he looked nearly unbeatable. It takes a really special player to kill off Life, and generally that player is not a Zerg. Not only does this group have 3 Zergs in it, but Zerg is arguably the strongest race going into this season of Code S.

Rogue, as I’ve been saying in my past several times casting him, quietly one of the very best players in the world. Go watch some of his recent games. He’s playing so close to perfect in many games that it’s scary. Who knows what would have happened at IEM if he didn’t have to play Life in the first round. Rogue is the real deal, someone who will win a championship in the future.

Classic has been SKT1’s ace more times in ProLeague than I’m sure anyone could have predicted going into this year. A former #1 draft pick from SC1, this kid is a monster. His play, strategy, and execution are all top notch. On top of that, he’s on SKT1, a team with a ridiculous Protoss lineup to help him work his game.

Hydra - the weakest in the group, but always putting up solid play. He may be one of the more “cheesey” and aggressive Zergs out there, but doesn’t get much flak for it compared to other aggro Zergs. Why do you think that is? My theory is because he looks really solid the entire time. Deep down people can tell he’s really skilled.

And that’s not all….

I feel like I could also make similar arguments for groups E and H. The thing is, it’s getting a bit late, so meh, this is all for now :P

All in all, this season really excites me. Its so ridiculously stacked, and players are better than ever before. OK, OK, players are always getting better…but its really starting to count now. The differences in skill are becoming more noticeable, and there are less and less random losses that are completely unexpected.

Make sure you tune in as Code S boots up again at 6pm KST on April 30th!

Awww yeeeeeeee

I go to Grooveshark from time to time to find new bands to listen to.

Found this little gem by chance today. It’s pretty cool. But more importantly sort of represents how I’m feeling right now.

I mean hell, isn’t that why people post songs in Social Media?

Lyrics for your convenience:

I. Somehow You Love Me

My heart is gone
It drove to the shore
Swam out in the night, way out pass the lines

I heard that now it lives in the south of west central Spain 
drinking off the pain
And I don’t blame it.
I’m filled with regret.

I wish I were him, could crawl out my skin.
Cause’ inside I’m broke, I’m cracked, I’m alone.
No hope for a change, no way to erase.

The world would be better without me.
So how could this be?
Somehow you love me.

II. Fucked Up Past The Point Of Fixing

I sat down to see the stars fall alone on the neighbors lawn.
I held my hand on my head down waiting to hear your call.
I thought i saw your headlights in the dark driving by your house.

I’m going out my mind.
I’m giving up the fight this time.
So love me all and go, no longer care if I die alone. 

The whole world is waiting, watching to see when your gonna fall.
Ten thousand faces staring and your back is against the wall.
Fucked up pass the point of fixing, so tell me what went wrong.

I’m going out my mind.
I’m giving up the fight this time.
Love me all and go, no longer care if I die alone. 

Cause’ in the darkness of my mind I used to dream of suicide.
I’m gonna pull myself out before I die.

I’m going out my mind.
I’m giving up the fight this time.
Love me all and go, no longer care if I die alone.


Now it’s eight in the morning, 
up all night just walking around.
I’m hiding out here under the window 
by the sink where we used to laugh all day long.

I wait till I see you walking 
from the bedroom down to the kitchen.
Fingering your hand into curls while talking 
on the phone resting on your collarbone.

Here I come again, head is hanging low.
You put down the phone, take me in our arms.
And I’m all alone with you my love.

And did you hear me coming?

Running over the words I said last night. 
While wishing I never saw your eyes 
swell up with tears dripping down your thighs.
I can’t let it go, I’m lost inside.

I can get so low.

Seems like there’s no up and I’m all alone
So take me in your arms knowing I’m the one.

IV. Zig Zag

I turn around to say how could you still love me. 
Sun is shining, lighting up your face.
You stare off into space not knowing what to say.
Searching for the words to set things straight so I say…

I’m a Zig Zag sideways, upside down, out of my mind
What’s the point of living if were all just born to die.
You say why?

Why ask why?

I say “I get fucked up.”
You say “delusional.”
Somehow will you still open arms.

"Come with me" you say. 
We step outside to face the sun.
Yesterday I dream that it would all bend out to dust.

V. Daybreak

Take a breath, turn around. 
See the sun come through the clouds, the light alive in your eyes.
Standing here by your side of an arm under the sky.
I know I want to hold on.

The letters left on the lawn.

The shadows crawling the wall.
The mirror shatters and falls.

I’ve been lost for so long, no more will to carry on.
So dark and dead in the seas.

Nothing left in the end.
And to pray is to pretend.
I’m tired of trying to believe.

So can we learn to forget.
I wanna hold you again.
Can we love remember our love.

I can get so low.
Seems like there’s no up and I’m all alone
So take me in your arms knowing I’m the one.

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